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qualifying for the next round as well. chile knocking out spain yesterday, and of course the host brazil still very much in this tournament. so world cup into full gear. >> some fans got out of hand, and there was security concerns how is brazil handling security. >> you are right. yesterday, in rio there were about over 80 chilean fans that stormed into the stadium, broke security, that was a fifa embarrassment, because fifa is in charge of security around the stadiums. the brazilians said they will step in, they will be providing more security. they say that was clearly very embarrassing. and now the brazilians say they will be raching up security about those 85 chillyians, the brazilian federal police said today that they must leave the country, by saturday, and they will not be allowed back in brazil until the end of the world cup. how are the games going so far. >> most of those problems have not materialized. there have not been any mas-transit strikes like we saw right before. there have not been major security breeches other than what we just spoke about at the stadium. and every
news, spain, the defending world cup champion, was eliminated from the world cup by chile. some in spain are despondent, some full-on angry and violent. spain will play once more but it won't be for the cup. >>> when we come back, the newest sensation in the world of cup. she's up against the best in the world at all of 11 years of age. she's still the one for you. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swell
. meanwhile, chile shows little passion on the field and off. and out the door, the board of american apparel cuts loose its controversial ceo. google glasses going into the operating room. that's part of our wiring the world series. finally, a $1000 haircut. i'm not kidding.
to be eliminated from this year's world cup, spain lost to chile yesterday. gabriel alison drove where the match just wrapped up, what is the latest? >> thousands of fans pouring out of the stadium that you see behind me, england fans obviously very very disappointed. the your guyian fans ecstatic, it was a very cold day, cold temperatures but it was hot inside that stadium with excitement, this was billed as a classic, must win, for both teams. and it delivered what it was expected to, obviously england pulling out the victory, i'm sorry, uruguay pulling out the victory, england fans leaving disappoint. >> gabe, yesterday, when we were talking, i don't know if it was happening just as we were with talking, there was this security situation at the chile spain match, dozens have been asked to leave the country. what can you tell us about this situation. >> they were all detained the federal police said they have 72 hours to get out of the country, and then today, the police are saying that once they leave the country, they will not be allowed back in as long as this world cup is going on. and cl
in northern chile. they were going to blow the top off this mountain. the world's biggest optical telescope. you just saw that giant blast right there. so much for that. >> in fairness, it probably was a large blast. probably just overwhelmed by the size of the mountain. everyone watching should know this is really an economic indicator itself. this blast, this project by the european southern observatory, i think it was, was put off in 2012 because of the recession, there was no funding at the time because of the european financial crisis. >> they did crowd funding to get dynamite. apparently they still didn't get enough dynamite. that was it. >> sharper or more advanced than the hubble telescope apparently. >> we'll see how long it takes them to build a telescope now. >>> stocks have been mixed today. new highs though for the s&p and some other indicators as well. >> i would just say i was expecting more out of that blast, too. but the market is probably doing the same thing. coach on the mover side of things is losing ground after saying it expects revenues to decline in the low double d
and chile was sold out. >> but that didn't stop about 100 chile fans from trying to bust their way in. they even broke down a makeshift wall. apparently the fans thought they could get through to the stands. police arrested about 85 of those fans. chile went ton to stun spain, 2-nil, eliminating the defending world cup champions from contention. >> good idea, potentially. didn't really work out for them. a devastating blow for portugal could end up being the u.s.' best defense come sunday. doctors are warning that portugal's star forward, cristiano reynaldo should sit out of the world cup or risk permanent damage to his knee. reynaldo reportedly told his doctor, quote, i'm the one who decides if i'm playing or not. we'll have to wait until sunday to find out. kick off is at 3:00 p.m. >>> well, pele, reynaldo, want to know what your brazilian soccer name star should be? >> i know where you're going with this, unfortunately, so will you. we'll show you what we're talking about, coming up next. >>> hey, now. in honor of the world cup, one website has created the brazil names generator. >
chile match. security staff finally cut the group off in a hallway. chile went on to beat spain, eliminating the world cup champions in group play. that was shocking. spain is out. >>> facebook back up and running after suffering a worldwide outage overnight. the interruption occurred around 4:00 eastern time and lasted about 30 minutes. user of the world's most popular media site were greeted with the message, sorry, something went wrong. we're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. the outage impacted the site and its app. no word on what caused the disconnect. >>> teachers and administrators working for new jersey's school system may soon be allowed to live out of state. a senate committee today is considering a bill permitting employees in school districts in ten northern counties that border new york and new jersey to live elsewhere. advocates for the chain say the residency requirement needs to recruit educators. >>> a marine from south carolina will receive america's highest military honor today. president obama will present corporal kyle carpenter with the cong
newspaper is describing spain's shocking world cup loss to chile. the defending champs are now eliminated from later rounds and that excitement unfortunately turned violent when hundreds of chilean fans stormed the stadium pushing over a wall to get into the stands. 85 were arrested. the action resumes today with all three matches on our sister network, espn. >>> and finally, imagine you're enjoying a relaxing day on the golf course when this happens, a drug suspect in a pickup truck comes racing through leading police on a high-speed chase right into the fairway. golfers scrambling out of the way as the truck and several squad cars tore up the grass. the suspect was arrested a short time later but those officers are now being investigated for possibly violating protocol. this from our clever producer, maybe they should have gone to the driving range instead. >> oh. >> see, i had to contribute that one. >> i was wondering if you were going to read that or not. >> that's why i stated that. thanks, ken. >> lots of new hazards on that course. >> let's go over to robin. >> i love how she thre
of that in the spain/chile game yesterday. >> i'm not -- >> i didn't see the whole condom company. >> how did this get past the censors. >> i had to read it. imagine my heart just stopped. >>> i'm moving on here. we have seen some pretty creative vine videos. vine user posting a clever video. using vine to get more than 300,000 likes in just a couple of days. that is pretty cool. >> how many times would you want to grab your kid out of mid air when they are about to do something stupid. >> that's great. very cool. >>> up next kevin costner's return to the iconic field of dreams. >>> we're back with one of the most be loved movies of all times. 25 years ago "field of dreams" captured the hearts of millions. kevin costner and some co-stars recently returned to the farm where the movie was set. it still remains a cherished landmark. here is nbc's bob costas. >> reporter: it was 1989 when a mysterious voice in the iowa sky first spoke the words that would take their place in hollywood history. >> if you build it, he will come. >> reporter: and build it he did. >> is this heaven? >> no. it's iowa. >> i don
. >> chile knocked off defending champ spain. >> before that match, chilean without tickets busted into the stadium. >> amazon introduced its own smartphone. after you hang up with someone, the phone suggests other people you might want to call. >> pick your booty up make your calves long and -- high heels on a woman. >> i mean i can work out all day. >> and all that matters. >> the u.s. patent office ruled the washington redskins name is disparaging to native americans and cancelled the team's trademarks. >> it's just a matter of time before daniel snyder is forced to do the right thing and change the name. >> on "cbs this morning." >> hillary clinton says she has not yet decided to run for president in 2016. >> all she knows, she's doing town halls on her nationwide book tour with a giant bus that says "ready for hillary." it could mean anything. >> this morning's eye-opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs ted by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning, norah. >
arrested. chile, by the way, beat spain, 2-0, essentially knocking them out of the world cup. >>> happening now -- awesome. that's what the youngest qualifier in the history of the u.s. women's open is saying about her experience. pam cook is in the studio now with a look at this local golfer's incredible story. it's happening in north carolina. >> she's just 11 years old. lucy li from redwood shores. she's getting a lot of attention. right now, she's playing in the u.s. women's open. she's doing pretty well. she just finished up her 11th hole. she has a bogey, double bogey but she has a birdie. she's 7 over par. not bad. i would think she's pretty nervous but in a news conference yesterday, the 11- year-old looked and sounded pretty relaxed. >> i just want to go out there and have fun and play the best i can and i really don't care about the outcome. i want to have fun and learn. >> lucy is just 5'1", weighs less than 100 pound. she can still drive that ball 230 yards. her caddy says he will not be surprised to see her make the cut, which means she'll be playing in the finals over the wee
. >> spain lose to go chile in the world cup. i'll have the details later. >> spines new king promised to be a monarach for new times. the man narc and his wife greeted crowds. he pledged to unify the country and work with its political leaders. he paid tribute to his father's legacy. >> almost 40 years ago my father said that he wanted to be the king of all the spanish people. he has been that. he called on us to be part of a project of national agreement, which has resulted in the best years of our contemporary history. >> spanish journalists and author said felipe has struck the right tone on his first day of king. >> i think he is beginning of restoring the prestige of the man arcky. humility is a good place to start. many people believe that has been lacking. the fact he refers to transparency is important, most people want to see transparency, knowing what is going on in that family. it's a clever move on the part of the new king. he is more of his mother's son than his father's son. i think it will be very natural for him to show these austere outwards that people demand. >> rus
it. >>> there will be a new champion at this year's world cup. chile socked the reigning champs spain handing the team their second loss in ground play and keeping them from advancing to the next round. it is the first time in world cup history the previous winner has been knocked out after just two matches. could there be more upsets in the games ahead? the u.s. team and their fans certainly hope so. amanda davis is live for us in sao paulo brazil. rough assignment you have there, my friend. >> reporter: you know, it is rough today, poppy. it's the first day i've had to put my coat and scarf on. it's actually really quite cold here in sao paula. i'm not expecting too much sympathy given i've spent ten days on the ba etch in rio. it's not so bad i have to say. poppy, you know when a squad is feeling confident, when they cancel their training sessions, and that is exactly what the u.s. coach jurgen klinsmann, did yesterday. he gave his players a day off for their base here in sao paulo to spend a bit of time relaxing and seeing a few of the sites. klinsmann did address the media. he an
and lookers before the child and spain match. it was mostly fans from chile who did not have tickets and forced their way and the media center that only had one guard. more gars -- guards showed up and the game it self was a stunner, with reigning champion spain losing 2-0 to chile. yesterday afternoon, at the soccer bar on mission, patrons packed the bar to watch. the netherlands topped australia and croatia shut out cameroon. >> here are fans showing us their world cup pride a brother and sister ready to play. here is the young man rooting for average attend -- argentina. you can mail your photos to or upload through through our news app. >> espn is carrying today's world cup matches live columbia plays ivory coast at 9:00 a.m. and uruguay and england at noon. >>> washington, dc, lawmakers want to increase what it will cost to fill your gas tank with reaction now from bay area drivers. >> a local golfer is playing the biggest game if her career but this morning not everyone is clearing on the fact they have playing. >>> we can see the sun is up and, also, the clo
. give me vargas in front! plays for chile. chile ousts spain, 2-nil. they can celebrate. and we'll end with a little magic from the major leagues last night. sterling night for clayton kershaw of the dodgers tossed his first no-hitter of his career. this against colorado. we have 15 strikeouts in the game. kershaw the second dodger with a no-no this year and if that isn't enough, dodgers start today just 4 games behind san francisco in the west. that is sports at this hour. oh, but i'll be back later on today at 6:00. >>> thank you, vern. today's play of the day, it an encore another look. we got dodger, we got rockies, l.a.'s clayton kershaw striking out rockies cory dickerson for his first career no-hitter. an error in the 7th inning, otherwise could have been a perfect game. kershaw had a career-high 15 strikeouts in the game. and we had to give him the play of the day even though he is a dodger. >> even though. >> pretty impressive. your play of the day. the no, no. >>> it is 6:25 right now. months after an oakland teen was declared brain-dead after surgery, new information on jahi
contestamos... escrbanos al correo noticiero black --el buen portero chile claudio bravo no sol clasificar a la seleccion chilena a segunda ronda --tambien el recibio hoy un jugoso previo vo --pues precisamente el barcelona confirmo el fichaje del portero austral, por quien pago una cifra cercana a los 11 millones de euros... --la transaccion descartaria la llegada de memo ochoa al cuadro catalan. vo y ayer el tri tuvo un entrenamiento bastante particular, lo hicieron en la playa de fortaleza y de manera recreacional... --segun algunos de los aficionados y medios que sistieron a la practica se sorprendieron de ver esta modalidad que les da un descanso de la disciplina diaria... vo --20 millones de euros esta dispuesto a pagar la real sociedad para mantener en sus filas a carlitos vela... --por esta razon, se intensifican las negociaciones con el arsenal y el jugador mexicano, para que siga haciendo goles en el equipo espaÑol --la copa tendra nuevo campeon. espaÑa se va por la puerta de atras. -- ayer chile lo vencio con meritos y buen futbol... --nos vamos al estadio de
to the stands without anyone intervening. they were wrong. police arrested 85 of those fans. and chile looking good. they went on to stun spain 2-0, eliminating the former world champs from contention. here is the story of the day. in honor of the world country oir cup, a website has created a name generator. >> we put your name in and your soccer name would be sinho. . >> and you were a professional soccer player in a past life i'm sure. your name garcia cannaca. and christina would be lorardo. >> lardo for short. >> never ever call you lardo. >>> good morning. a new tornado outbreak rips across the midwest as one massive twister levels homes and businesses in south dakota overnight. millions today facing the threat of strong storms from dallas to new york and al is tracking it all. >>> evacuating. two of the world's largest o companies begin pulling staff out of iraq as the violence there rages on. secretary of state john kerry speaks exclusively to nbc news saying u.s. air strikes are not off the table, teaming up with iran is and his message to iraq war veterans who fought so hard. >> ther
, but it is all over this year after that loss to chile, 2-0. dave barker has more. as the whistle blew inside merrick on you stadium, the m ctions of -- inside stadium, the former champions are out of the world cup. we would bethought knocked out of the first round. it is heartbreaking. we did not expect to win the world cup again, but we could have afforded a little bit more. spain put on a week display and went down 2-02 tournament dark course chile. weise --charles arnon the result means both chile and the netherlands are the first team to qualify for the knockout stages. man, i cannot feel my heart. we traveled on 11 days from chile by bus to be here for this. amazing, man. great. >> next we're are going to pick up the netherlands. the cap the first high-profile exit in the brazil world cup. and 89-year-old man from philadelphia is facing possible expedition -- possible extradition to germany over ziarges that he worked at a na camp. allegations stemming from his suspected service as an ss guard at auschwitz during world war ii. he was arrested tuesday outside his home. he admitted he was
for joining us. chile leadership is short this season year. stay "in the loop." ♪ market raised one point $3 billion in the u.s. initial public offering and the shares listed on the nasdaq stock trquette under the symbol mrk and will begin trading today. the world cup and barbecuing is an issue in chile. beat spaine yesterday, they asked soccer fans not to have a traditional barbecue at home. authorities say that after last friday's game against australia, barbecues almost caused an environmental emergency in san filling the city. the world's biggest cosmetic makers getting bigger. nyx the company is having a strong year even in markets where it has not done well recently. >> southern europe is back in southern europe had a difficult six years. spain, portugal, italy, greece were very top. -- these arery countries where we were very strong so it affected us very much for six years. for the first time in the first quarter, for the first time in is years, the market there flat and we are positive. onthat does it for us today "in the loop." republicans are likely to pick california
condemn fans who invaded a stadium yesterday in bra dill. a crowd trashed walls and long before the chile and spain match mostly fans from chile without tickets forcing into the media center which is protected only by one guard. more guards showed up and escorted the fans out of the stadium. >> the game was a true stunner on the field: spain lost 2-0, and now they are knocked out of the tournament although they are reigning champion. netherlands topped australia and croatia shut out cameroon. >> fans are showing us pride: cleo rooting for brazil. here is three-year-old supporting italy. she is just three, this is her first worlds cup looking have cute. of course we want if see your fan photos at or upload them through our news app or 9:00 a.m. and greece plays japan at 3:00. >> san francisco state will grant a degree this afternoon to a man was shot to death a few units shy of graduation. he was shot by a neighbor at their building on mission street last month. the 28 year old got off the elevator on the wrong floor and entered the wrong apartment. a man i
! plays for chile. chile ousts spain, 2-nil. they can celebrate. and we'll end with a little magic from the major leagues last night. sterling night for clayton kershaw of the dodgers tossed his first no-hitter of his career. this against colorado. we have 15 strikeouts in the game. kershaw the second dodger with a no-no this year and if that isn't enough, dodgers start today just 4 games behind san francisco in the west. that is sports at this hour. oh, but i'll be back later on today at 6:00. >>> 5:25 right now. an oakland teenager declared brain-dead but her family is keeping all hope alive. this morning, we have exclusive new information about jahi mcmath. >> google is making a push to try to attract more women into high-tech. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at weather ad libs >>> your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. >>> as the state tips to debate a new law requiring kill
... pkg --la copa tendra nuevo campeon. espaÑa se va por la puerta de atras. -- ayer chile lo vencio con meritos y buen futbol... --nos vamos al estadio de maracana... vo --20 minutos del primer tiempo y es vargas quien dribla a casillas y a los defensas para el uno a cero... --a los 43, tiro libre que cobra alexis y al mal rechazo de casillas, aranguiz con tres dedos la emboca para darfle sepultura a la madre patria.... --no jugo pique 01 05 vo-nat sound --esta es de no te lo puedo creer... --mire usted como cerca de 100 aficionados chilenos tumban las paredes de la oficina de prensa cuando intentaban entrar por la fuerza al estadio maracana durante el partido que le dio la clasificacion a su equipo. --autoridades y equipo de seguridad de inmediato reaccionaron y lograron controlarlos 01 05 --manaus... --11 olic --48 perisic --61 man-zu-kik --73 man-zu-kic 01 07 vo --estadio beira rio en porto alegre holanda australia --20 robben --21 cahill --54 penalty coba je-di-nack --58 vanpersy --68 de-pay --hoy otro de los nuestros podria dar su paso a la siguiente ronda... --le hablo de colombia
hour games and other stadium events. >> coming up, dozens of soccer fans at the chile team, and thousand fans were right before they got into the stands. at least 85 people were arrested. they did beat them 2-0 knocking them out of the world cup. >>> time now 5:09 islamic militants are seizing the world's largest refinely and the concern it could trigger a worldwide gas shortage and caused prices to spike. >>> and san francisco parking airport, they are causing police to crock town and i have another complete update straight ahead. >>> we had an easterly breeze, that is not the case this morning, on parts of the san san mateo coast, we will have a big difference in temperatures coming up. female announcer: don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. plus, pay no interest for 36 months on tempur-pedic and icomfort. sleep train's 4th of july sale is on now. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ oh i knew i forgot something... i'll just do it now. well, we're boarding. no, i'll use citi mobile. takes two seconds, better safe tha
it the aim way. they arrested 85 of those fans. chile did go on to stun spain 2-0 eliminating the defending world cup champs from contention. >>> a devastating blow for po portugal. doctors are warning renaldo it sit out or risk permanent damage to his left knee. he was limping off the practice field yesterday. his knee wrapped in ice. he reportedly told his doctor, quote, i'm the one who decides if i'm playing or not. sunday kickoff is at about:03:0. it would greatly boost the u.s.'s chances, but germany is the favorite. >> they still have to get through portugal and then face germany. and yet germany is really looking good everybody has the world cup fever and we have weather to accommodate that fever. it will be hot out there. if you want to keep it cool, head to the coast. 68 in san francisco, 84 in the south bay. as we always do, we like to let you know about weekend events that are free for you and your family. this one is happening down in santa cruz. if you enjoy wooden paddled car, you might enjoy woodies on the wharf. it is nor cal's 20th annual wooden paneled car show. not going
janeiro and trashed temporary walls and lockers before the chile and spain match which was won by chile. it was mostly fans from chiles for their way into the media center only protected by one guard. more guards showed up and escorted the fans out. it was a stunner, with spain losing 2-0 to chile knocking them out of tournament. yesterday afternoon, on mission street, you could see patrons pack the bar to -- the match and year's other games with the north laps topping australia and croatia shutting out cameroon. this is cleo rooting for brazil and this three-year-old is supporting italy and is her first world cup. >> you can e-mail your fan photos to our sister network, espn, is carrying the world cup matches live columbia pays ivory coast at 9:00 a.m. and uruguay and england at noon and japan take on greece at 3:00. >>> san francisco state university will grant a degree to a man shot to death a few units shy of graduation. police say he was shot by a neighbor at their building on mission street last month and the 26-year-old got off the elevator on the wrong floor
, kickoff at 3:00. >>> yesterday's showdown between shane shapain and chile was sol out, but it did not stop fans from rushing in to a large media and breaking down a make shift wall. fans thought they could get through to the stance. they were wrong. police arrested about 85 of them. >> chile went on to stun spain 2-0 eliminating the defending world country champion from contention. a lot of talk about that. >> big upset there. let's take a look at your roadways. >>> good morning. mike has the day off. but he'll be back before you know it. we miss mike. we have a good looking drive right now. no major accidents to report. and really all the construction, all that early morning road work that we're so accustomed to, wrapping right on time this morning. that's a good sign. so far so good. a lot of green on that map and no transit delays just yet. we'll let you know if they crop up. back to you. >>> 4:57. still to come, judgment day for bay area mom accused of choking a student at school. why she might not be facing charges after all. >>> plus a tree trimmer saves the gay in sunnyvale. how he
eliminated after losing 2-0 to chile, second straight loss after being embarrassed by the netherlands last week five goals to one. it's one of the greatest teams of this generation. they have dominated international soccer since 2008. they won two european championships and the world cup in 2010. >> that's why they like the world cup. it's unpredictable. >> here are stories we're following. secretary of state john kerry saying all options are on the table rewarding iraq and iraqi forces are battling isil fighters for control of the countries largest oil refinery. >> south dakota hit by a tornado overnight. several homes and businesses were destroyed. >> there is a new king in spain, prince felipe has been sworn in to succeed his father, juan carlos. >> scientists are fight to go save the banana as its future looks rotten. the steps they're taking to make sure a fungus doesn't wipe out that fruit. >> the aljazeera morning news continues. we're back in just two minutes. keep it here. should juvenile killers serve life without parole? >> the didn't even ask for the money they just shot him. >
in the world cup last night at the hands of chile. very exciting moment. the crowd is sensing the king on the thrown. people's lives aren't changing here in spain. there's a long list of problems to address. >> was there anything significant in what he had to say? >> reporter: absolutely. you could call his speech the "i hear you" speech. what i mean by that is king felipe was emphasizing he knew people wanted a new era. he made reference to ethics in public life and said he realized the royal family had to lead by example. now spaniards are fed up with corruption scandals including involving thele palace indirectly. the king's son-in-law is investigated for embezzlement for funds. his daughter, her husband. there was a sense of turning the page there. they don't want this anymore on the thrown. they want somebody more serious. so the speech was reaching out to all spaniards as we can hear. >> ladies and gentlemen i would also like to express solidarity with all of our citizens who have been hard hit by the economic crisis. we must insure that we work hard to overcome the situation and
champions were defeated by chile yesterday, 2-0. it was spain's second loss of the tournament, and it means they have no chance of advancing. spain finishes their world cup campaign monday with a meaningless match against australia. >>> and before that match in rio, about 100 chilean fans without tickets busted into the stadium and broke down the temporary wall of a media room. they were trying to get into the stands but failed. security corraled them all into one area. they were arrested there. they're waking up this morning in jail and will be deported. >> i hope it was worth it. >> i hope so too. >>> all right. still ahead, a dominating performance. the late night no-hitter from one of the best pitchers in baseball. >>> and mounting disapproval for one of the nfl's most established brands. the major ruling handed down against the redskins over their name. >>> plus, from the classroom to the courtroom, a fourth grader sues his classmate for bullying. >>> it's being called a game changer. online giant amazon has unveiled its new smartphone. it's called the fire and it has four extra camera
creates a security nightmare. chile fans storming americana stadium's entrance. a few injuries resulting. glass doors shattered. a temporary wall knocked over. security says about 85 people were detained. most of them with no tickets. those spain fans with tickets? maybe they didn't want them either. chile shuts out top-ranked spain with two goals. it's the first time a reigning champ is knocked out of the world cup after just two matches. yeah, my bracket is dead. >>> the netherlands barely holding on to beat ahs rail wra. the aussies 2-1 lead did not last long. the dutch sinking two more goals for the win and clinching a spot in the knockout stage. a one-sided game from cameroon. an early red card for cameroon for throwing his elbow. what are you doing there? right on another player's back. cameroon has to play a man down. croatia gets the win 4-0. >>> it was a seattle feud. cornerback richard sherman and receiver phil bates came to blows. it was asome practice play. a little preseason, my friends. what are you doing? >> aim ji van dyken is headed rehab after a freak atv accident that
. >>> at the world cup the defending champions are finished. spain, winners of the 2010 cup, fall to chile, 2-0. the shocking outcome falls to spain's 5-1 loss to netherlands in the opener and eliminates spain in the knockout round. it touched off a celebration. the victory also assured chile a spot in the knockout round. >>> when we return, conflict on the course. why the world's number one golfer doesn't think a sixth grader should tee off at the u.s. women's open today. grader should tee off at the women's u.s. open today. it could hurt your teeth. me tha my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's going to help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. worst morning ever. [ angelic music plays ] ♪ toaster strudel! best morning ever! [ han
contention with a 2-0 loss to chile. spain's second loss, after any hope of advancing. prior to this disastrous trip to brazil the spanish side had seemed unstoppable. spain won the european championships in 2008 and 2012, in addition to the 2010 world cup. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the man who says he's audrie pott's father. speaks out -- only to kron 4. how he says he is being unfairly left out of the efforts. to seek justice for his daughter. and we're watching the weather this morning. here are the big stories we're working on for you this morning. a bay area piano teacher has been charged for allegedly molesting three students. 28 year old brian butts of danville is a substitute teacher at the music-art studio in daly city. investigators say he inappropriately touched three girls. a 15 year old and two 13 year olds. while the school's owner was abroad. butts is being held on one point five million dollars bail. a petaluma family is searching for their missing father and husband. roy martinez hasn't been seen since june 3rd. his car was found near the sonoma
. this is a no-hitter. >> there's so much going on i can't explain it. >> it's a party. >> chile knocked off the fans. >> they busted into the stadium. >> amazon introduced its own smartphone. after you hang up with someone, it suggests other people you might want to call. >> all that -- >> high heels, kick your booty up. make your -- >> wow. >> the natural thing, of course, i mean i can work out all day. >> and all that matters. >> u.s. patent office ruled the washington redskins disparmging native americans and canceled the team's trademark. >> it's just a matter of time. >> they need to do the right thing and change the name. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> hillary clinton has decided not to rupp for president for 2016. >> all she knows is she's doing her town hall tours. it could mine anything. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning, norah zbho. >> good morning, charlie. >>> the obama administration and key lawmakers are suggesting this morning that iraq's prime minister s
're done. >> defending champs out. >> lost yesterday, 2-0, chile. >> all things soccer these days. >> i'm kind of addicted to it. >> i keep pointing out, maybe this means team usa. >> can you do a soccer segue? >> i can. >> you can use your head. >> four! >> anyway, as we show you what's happening as far as your weather is concerned, for today, we're looking at the risk of strong storms along the mid atlantic coast, back through the plains. gorgeous in the southwest, 88 in phoenix -- 103 i should say. 82 in los angeles, showers in the pacific northwest and our friends in central and southern florida are looking for a real wet day today. we'll get to your this is ben kaufman, founder of quirky. also known as the world's least important ceo. which is precisely why we tied him to this high-speed train. at quirky, our products are invented by real people who submit their ideas to our website. so whether our ceo makes it or not, quirky will continue to invent incredible new things. products invented by real people like you. quirky. >>> good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. keep an umb
champion spain knocked out every contention yesterday when they lost two to nothing to chile. spain lost first two games of the tournament. will not advance to the knock round round. us plays again sunday when they take on portugal. of course the us won their first game against ghana earlier this week. >> we play again over the weekend? sunday. >> like i said. that is the weekends, isn't it? >> usa versus christianna. >> thank you, wasn't sure which weekend day. now we know sunday. meanwhile, some forms of ringing alarm bells after video surfaces of shaky staircase, at one every rio de janeiro largest arenas. look, see how it is would be link? tons and tons of people on the staircase. >> they are loading on to the staircase in rio. fadges took the only exit this co-to get to the subway after the argentina match. you can see it is wooden. it is shaking all over the place, that's high up. i mean, it is all waited down, perhaps government officials say they inspected the bridge tuesday to ensure safety. critics say they should get more solid structure out, there builds something up, maybe w
to chile. >>> tens of thousands of people in northern pakistan are leaving their homes. the army is targetting anti-government forces in north waziristan. mean of the displaced are heading to ban u province. >> reporter: they left op foot when no help arrived and bombs fell around them. these are some of the residents of the north waziristan trying to reach safety. pakistan says it will continue the operation until the last fighter is flushed out. this man and his children sought shelter at the school and is worried about those left behind. >> translation: there's no food. the government didn't make plans, we have been suffering for months. houses have been bombed, innocent people are dying. >> reporter: everyone we spoke to shared similar septemberments, some -- sentiments, some came through multiple checkpoints and areas. the provincial and tribal disaster management say they are making arranges for the displaced. 30,000 are believed to have left only on wednesday when curfews were relaxed. we cannot enter-waziristan, but people are allowed to leave. hundreds of trucks wept in.
. there's the upset with spain being ejected from the world cup at the hand of chile last night. >> that's the everyday reality for everyone. these images which are beamed around the world and across the country are great ceremonial procession and pageantry. the royal family will hope that gives them a fresh start. there have been difficult times more recently for them. >> reporter: there have indeed. interestingly the king in his speech tried to draw a line under that. first of all he started off by talking about the great achievements that his father had made. he meant safeguarding the country's democracy. one was brought up and groomed by the dictator to take over and continue in the same right wing way keeping all powers for himself. instead when he came to power, he said he wanted to introduce his father, barcelona's more liberal views. he had to keep the far right in spain still on side and negotiate through tricky years including an attempted coup in 1981 when the civil guards stormed congress and tried to take over. it was the king who stood in their way and said no, i don't supp
happened, for that matter. three people were killed in the attack, more than 200 others wounded. chile beat spain 2-0 and not spain out of the tournament and ends the spanish six-your dominance of world soccer. spaniards one in 2010 at the world cup as well as the last european -- anyway, they are the top headlines. >> they averaged three goals a game. this is a big deal. it is actually getting exciting. >> it is exciting. >> i watched some yesterday and i was engaged. >> mexico time brazil, that was an incredibly exciting game. >> we call that a draw. do they shelter all! -- shout draw!! >> morning must-read. argued a move should be made. moving export and would continuing technology would lead to -- they have some numbers that look pretty impressive given the fact the economy could be doing better. >> you wonder, can it work? canada should forward the idea todayback up near 159 oil -- 115 in oil today. >> changing the debate over whether the videos cannot afford to export. >> big debate. >> something we will continue to discuss. done with the macro economy and geopolitics. coming up, we w
champs are out of the world cup. they lost to chile 2-0. their second loss, so they're gone. cameroon is gone. they had great, great uniforms. red and green and yellow. spain lost to the netherlands, 5-1 on friday. now, i was hoping that the netherlands would lose and i'll tell you why. it's because of that ox noxious skating coach who said we're idiots over here because we like football. he's so pc about it. and then he said we're so great at hockey and we're so great at soccer. and they really do look like they're pretty good at soccer. so i'm watching the netherlands. who went up first? i think australia -- no. i think the netherlands may have -- one of them went up fist. but you have to watch this goal from cahill. they did eliminate australia. look at this. it looked like about a 40-yard pass in football before it hit the ground. this guy, cahill, as it was getting close to the ground he kicked it into the left corner of the ball. look at that. came down, he saw it come over his shoulder. that kind of thing is just -- >> this is an awakingly. >> he also plays for new jersey, the
. they got spanked by the netherlands, and what did they do, came out yesterday and laid an egg to chile? might be something to that. roenlo has a lot of criticism in the past about his play in the world cup, 2 goals in 11 matches. either way, chris, their spirit might be beaten and they might not have a 100% ronaldo out there who is the biggest weapon. can take over the game by themselves like a few people. argentina has messi and portugal has cristiano ronaldo, guys that can singlehandedly take over games in the world cup. we won't see them at 100% in the u.s. we should all be thoughtful of what ronaldo's injury, is and maybe send messages that they should sit this out and not risk career injury. >> it's about the long term. don't think about the short term. >> wouldn't want to do anything that would otherwise mar his physical perfection that i have to hear about at this table. >> gone two days with only images of him with the shirt off. >> let's talk about what happened in the tournament ma that was really impressive, referred to it a little there. chile, they came at it. going agains
must win match for the defending world champion spain against chile. they'll win, right? no. the reigning champs go down. 2-0. chile would go on to hold off spain and believe me, people will be fired and the whole nation is really upset. >>> a shocking scene in the world cup. before the game started, fans busting their way into the press room because the game was sold out. eventually forced them out, the wall collapsed and the people had to go elsewhere. a loft passion with that sport. u.s. plays on sunday. and that's a quick look at what's happening in the world of world sports. >> on this national martini day. >> yes. where everyone, wherever you are, have a martini. >> shouldn't you have carded that guy you gave the martini to? >> that would have been good. i believe he's in his 40s though. >>> coming up straight ahead, we finally have a suspect for the benghazi attacks in custody, but is the obama administration giving him a free pass as he gets a slow cruise to america? peter johnson, jr. live. >>> then a photographer gets a little too close for comfort to a massive bea
news from the world cup defending champion spain lost to chile two to nothing. spain won european championships in 2008 and 2012 and last world cup in 2010 but they get home early this time. now sixers will be picking up some new players in the nba draft a week from tonight. >> in the meantime they are picking new dancers. >> ♪ >> hey, all right. dozens of candidates showed off their best moves during sixers dance team, rather dream team danza digses at wells fargo center. more auditions up in new york. >>> team members will be announced later on this summer. >>> wow. >> i am just tired looking. >> i know. >> yes, end of the washington redskins? coming up ruling that could mean end of the team's controversial name. >>> also ahead a six time gold medalist but she may never walk again after a atv accident and now amy van dyken is talking about her injuries. >>> this is just a remarkable story, woman takes a selfie while having a stroke, and it could have saved her life coming up. >>> lets check with katie to get the latest on these storms. >> worst of the overnight stuff is now we
with the world cup. chile fans were a bit too excited for their big match with spain. >> they didn't have tickets so they rushed through the gates. >> you got to do it. >> you don't do that. >> got messy inside they knocked over a temporary wall in the stadium media center and 15 minutes to get the people under control. 85 arrested. many of them expelled from the country. >> because the people of brazil do not put up with that. >> they are shocked. >> what happened? >> those fans missed quite a game for their home country. chile jumps on defending world champ spain early with two first half goals and chile wins 2-0 wayne that shocking loss, their second of the tournament already, spain, the defending 2010 world cup champs because the first team to be eliminated from the tournament. >> katty, you and i are the only ones i think that follow the beautiful game here. >> i've been watching this. >> i've actually watched it. >> have you? >> it's amazing. >> this is such a stunner. i mean spain was supposed to win the whole thing. brazil was the favorite. spain, the second. this is unbelievable. >> if a
here, right there. chilly, in white. how about chile, the 43rd minute of the game. make it #-nothing, upset defending champion. spain, that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> 6:27. federal ruling against the washington redskins in their controversial name. >> us patent offers has ruled to cancel the team's federal trait mark, for the name. in the ruling the office called the name disparaging of native americans. it it means the team is not able to sue, if others use the name on merchandise. washington can appeal, similar decision came down 15 years ago, but was overturned, on a technicality. >>> how about the washington bees? well, look out for bees if you're on the turnpike at the toll plaza in fact, workers were forced to take cover, and drivers were forced to keep their windows up. why experts say this swarm may stick around >> storms rolled through the area overnight. there could be more on the way later today. sue serio has the breakdown of what you can expect and when. >> souse jet i bear takes a break in a tree before taking off. where the latest siting happened. >> sa
presencia policiaca. >> el triunfo de chile contra espaÑa, sacÓ a millones de chilenos a las calles de casi todas las ciudades del paÍs. santiago, la capital, no fue la excepciÓn. la victoria sobre el campeÓn mundial se convirtió en un festejo masivo, como pueden ver ustedes en estas imÁgenes. la alameda fue colmada por miles de personas que abandonaron sus trabajos y se dirigÍan a las calles. fanÁticos vestidos con la camiseta roja, sombreros con los colores patrios y muchos con la bandera celebraron el triunfo que lleva a chile a los octavos de final. >> vamos chile! >> alexis sÁnchez! arturo vidal! el pitbull! tenemos las medias razones para ganar. >> el prÓximo juego serÁ contra la poderosa selecciÓn de holanda, quien acumula tambiÉn dos victorias. esto serÁ el lunes 23 en sao paulo. >> en espaÑa la gente recibiÓ la derrota con evidente desilusiÓn. esto fue lo que le dijeron. >> todas las ilusiones de alcanzar una doble copa chocaron contra chile. >> estÁn jugando fatal. asÍ, no se va a ganar nada. >> pues no lo sÉ, pero es muy decepcionante la verdad. >> 3 copas segu
too early," defending champion spain now out of the world cup after falling to chile. we're going to have more on the shocking early exit. plus, why some chilean fans are being expelled from the host country. >>> also coming up, breaking his silence. what the teenaged stowaway who survived a five-hour flight in the wheel well of a jet is saying about his experience. that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. >>> it's the day of decision on capitol hill as the u.s. senate clears the way for the civil rights bill by voting to limit debate on the measure. gop leader everett dirksen left and democratic whip hubert humphrey got more than the majority to invoke cloture. ♪ ♪ make every day, her day with a full menu of appetizers and entrées crafted with care and designed to delight. fancy feast. love served daily. if ...hey breathing's hard... know the feeling? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easi
to celebrate there. >>> all right, soccer. sold-out world cup game creates a security nightmare. chile fans storming americana stadium entrance. a few injuries resulting, glass doors shattered. >> wow. >> a temporary wall knocked over. security saying about 85 people were detained, most with no tickets. >> but of course. >> and those spain fans with tickets? >> yeah? >> maybe wish they didn't have them. >> and a chance here for vargas, who has put chile ahead! >> there goes my bracket, my friend, chile. >> big upset, wow! >> shutting out top-ranked spain with two goals. first time, my friend, a reigning champ is knocked out in the world cup after just two matches. dios mio. the netherlands barely beats australia. the aussies' 2-1 lead did not last long. the dutch sinking two more goals for the win, clinching a spot in the knockout stage. and a one-sided game in cameroon and croatia. an early red card for a cameroon player for throwing an elbow down on another player's back. >> ooh, bad sportsmanship. >> naughty, naughty. they play a man down. >>> it was a seattle feud. cornerback richard sh
. they lost to chile, two nothing, yesterday. this comes after they lost to the netherlands on friday. spain still has one more match against australia. this is the second consecutive world cup where the defending champion got eliminated in the first round. time for another "hey, demetrius!" segment. and getting a little nervous about this segment. >> i a am sensing some of these questions you would not believe i have to sensor a lot of these. you have a question for yourself! i asked this one to myself. i favored the viewer asks me thiswhen does summer begin? one. who doesn't know that? >> wiry such a good meteorologist? >> is a 5:51 a.m. on saturday? >> he just read the prompter! i will be happy about that. it's summer we always think about the uv index. i want you guys to help me out. i don't know how this happened. what is that? >> it's a bikini top. >> he has to hold those up. carrying those around all day. >> that man has better cleavage than a woman. >> how about the next one? >> is that your high-school prom picture? >> too many rides on the roller- coaster. >> and this one? come on!
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